Our Products

Teamwork is another of our greatest strengths, and it is reflected on the products we develop! In this section we introduce them to you. Each of them offers different solutions and functionalities that allow improving experiences. Come and get to know them!


B2B virtual wallet that allows points of sale to have multiple sources of income, consolidating everything into a single platform.

It’s a platform that improves the experience of accepting and making electronic payments for retailers, wholesalers and their suppliers, seeking maximum security and traceability through transactions on Blockchain and the freedom of cloud services usable from any device.

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Face Recognition

Facial examination cameras with ID recognition, body temperature detection, mask wear control and contactless entry card recognition.

We developed facial examination through cameras with ID recognition, body temperature detection and contactless entry card recognition. It is a product designed to configure and recognize the identity of viewers, employees, visitors and suppliers cataloged in databases. This software provides security and minimizes time, as it reduces processes in income through access control.


Platform to automate manual processes in order to make efficient and eliminate the waste of time and human errors.

It's a web Portal that allows automating manual processes in order to reduce risks and errors in the operation areas. Through Planner, processes are carried out more efficiently, agilely and securely, which allows entities having operation areas to give greater value in their processes and improve the customer/user experience.